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Financial Markets Recap for January 2024 - Stocks Rise, Bitcoin Falls, Mortgages Stabilize

As we wrapped up 2023, provided comprehensive insights into the financial and real estate markets of the year. For a detailed recap, you can refer to our posts: "The 2023 Financial Markets: WiseWallet’s Year-End Review & Insights" and "WiseWallet’s Insights for the 2023 Real Estate Market". These reviews set the stage for understanding the shifts and trends as we moved into 2024. Now, with January 2024 behind us, let's delve into this month's market performance and extract key insights to guide our financial strategies moving forward.


January 2024 in the financial markets has been a period of varied dynamics. The stock market experienced positive growth with the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all posting gain: 1.55%, 2.12%, and 1.95% respectively. Contrarily, Bitcoin faced a downturn, registering a 3.63% drop. In the real estate market, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate experienced a period of stability, settling in at 6.69% in the week ending Jan 25 with the 4 week average at 6.64% [1].

So What?

These stock market trends in January indicate a robust economic outlook, despite concerns about mega-cap stocks' valuations. However, the Federal Reserve's decision today (Jan. 31, 2024) - a pause in interest rate hikes without any immediate plans to reduce rates - has led to a tempered response in the market. With the Federal Reserve's cautious stance, investors are carefully considering the implications of the Fed's focus on economic stability and inflation control [2]

The decline in Bitcoin's price in January 2024 can be partly attributed to significant outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). These outflows slowed down after a peak, leading to a subsequent rise in the price of spot bitcoin ETFs. This trend was influenced by profit-taking activities following GBTC's conversion to a spot bitcoin ETF. One notable instance of GBTC outflows was from the FTX estate, which sold a substantial amount of GBTC shares to pay its creditors [3].

On the real estate side, the stability in the 30-year fixed mortgage rate has had a noticeable impact on the housing market. According to Freddie Mac's comments [4], this steadiness in rates has encouraged potential homebuyers, who were previously hesitant due to affordability concerns, to re-enter the market. Despite ongoing challenges with housing inventory, expectations are set for a more active spring homebuying season compared to 2023. Home prices are anticipated to continue their steady climb.

Now What?

  • Market Monitoring: Continuously track changes in both the stock market and real estate sector to make well-informed investment decisions.

  • Diverse Investments: The contrast between the stock market's rise and Bitcoin's fall highlights the importance of diversifying investments across different asset classes.

  • Real Estate Watch: With mortgage rates currently stable but potential rate cuts anticipated later this year or next, those considering entering the real estate market may want to approach with caution. While it could be a good time for certain buyers and sellers, others might benefit from waiting, especially if they are not under immediate pressure to transact.

Concluding Remarks

January 2024 has revealed a multifaceted financial landscape, marked by notable movements in the stock and cryptocurrency markets, while the real estate sector remained relatively stable, especially in terms of mortgage rates. This variety of market movements highlights the need for a balanced and well-informed approach in investing and financial planning.


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