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The Power of Cash Flow: The Benefits of COWZ ETF’s Strategy


In our previous blog posts, we explored the investing essential for a better financial future, the benefits of passive investing, the rise of passive investing in recent years, and one of the most popular passive investing options, S&P 500 ETFs/Funds. Today we are going to explore a unique value-focused ETF that can complement large-cap growth and large-cap blend heavy portfolios.


Many of the major stock market indices are based on market capitalization, tracking the performance of the large companies in their categories. However, COWZ, the Pacer US Cash Cows 100 ETF, tracks the top 100 companies that have the highest free cash flow yield in the Russell 1000 Index, which represents the top 1000 companies in the U.S. equity market based on market capitalization. COWZ focuses on value investing by investing companies with highest free cash flows and aims at providing long-term capital appreciation. The fund was launched in December 2016 and has become one of Pacer's largest funds by assets under management.


So What?

The unique approach of COWZ to focus on free cash flow yield makes it an attractive option for investors looking for value stocks and seeking diversification. Free cash flow is a significant indicator of a company's financial health, suggesting these companies are potentially undervalued or capable of sustaining dividend payments and buybacks. Below shows the COWZ's strong free cash flow yield compared to the Russell 1000 Value Index.

Let's look at the details of the COWZ ETF. The values quoted below are as of 5/10/2024.

  • Inception: 12/16/2016

  • Expense Ratio: 0.49%

  • Net Assets: $22.6 Billion

  • 12-Month Yield: 1.89%

  • 1-Year Annualized Return: 19.7%

  • 3-Year Annualized Return: 11.5%

  • 5-Year Annualized Return: 15.6%

  • Morningstar Rating: 5 Stars (the best possible rating)


The graph below is the growth of $10,000 over 10 years. Since its inception in late 2016 COWZ clearly outperformed both the mid-cap value category and the Morningstar US Mid-Cap Broad Value Index as of May 10, 2024.


The composition of stocks (as of 5/9/2024) in COWZ shows broad exposure to nearly all sectors except Financial Services and Real Estate.

Below shows the Morningstar Style Weight of COWZ, showing mostly Mid-Cap Value, Large-Cap Value, Mid-Cap Blend investment allocations.

Now What?

For investors interested in value investing and looking for exposure to companies with solid financials and the potential for stable returns, COWZ could be a worthwhile consideration. Given its focus on companies with high free cash flow yields, the ETF may provide a conservative balance in a diversified investment portfolio. Additionally, COWZ can be a useful addition for those seeking to diversify away from portfolios heavily weighted in Large-Cap Growth and Large-Cap Blend stocks, such as S&P 500 ETFs/Funds. This could help spread risk and enhance potential returns by tapping into different market segments.


Concluding Remarks

The Pacer US Cash Cows 100 ETF offers a distinct approach by focusing on free cash flow yield as a metric for value investing. For those aiming to diversify their investments into companies with solid financial footing, COWZ presents an intriguing option. As with any investment, it is important for prospective investors to consider their own investment goals and risk tolerance. Additionally, seeking financial advice from professionals can provide further insight and help tailor investment choices to individual financial situations.


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